• United Airlines: Three Perfect Days

    To celebrate their second season of direct flights from New York to Dubrovnik, United Airlines has published an excellent guide to Dubrovnik as part of their Three Perfect Days series in the airline’s Hemispheres magazine.[…]

  • Travel Man: 48 Hours in … Dubrovnik

    Channel 4 from the UK sent Richard Ayoade with guest Stephen Merchant to sample some of Dubrovnik’s exciting and varied offerings for the latest episode of Richard’s highly successful travelogue – Travel Man. The intrepid[…]

  • The Discoverer discovers Dubrovnik

    The Discoverer, a website devoted to discovering the world’s best destinations, has just published their Edition 34 covering Dubrovnik. Some great tips on what do to and where to stay – check it out.

  • Tiny Atlas Quarterly captures Dubrovnik

    A truly amazing photo set of Dubrovnik and surrounds from Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Dubrovnik is “both a refuge from reality and an insanely popular tourist destination, but balance is within reach”. Perfectly put.

  • Aer Lingus discovers “Delectable Dubrovnik”

    Cara, the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine, came to visit Dubrovnik and the result is a beautiful feature show-casing excellent photographs of the city and surrounds. Thank you to Aer Lingus and Cara magazine for recommending St. Joseph’s as[…]

  • Girl in Florence – From Split to Dubrovnik

    Georgette from the Girl in Florence travel blog travelled from Split down to Dubrovnik and back and wrote about her experiences. She has some great tips for Dubrovnik and beautiful photography. Check it out at[…]

  • Beautiful Wedding

    Two of our guests came to Dubrovnik to get married, simply because the photographer they wanted was going to be here. After seeing their photographs, we can see why. Beautiful couple, beautiful city and some[…]

  • Mr Hudson explores … Dubrovnik

    Mr Hudson Explores, a beautiful travel blog with “Inspiring places for the discerning gentleman”, has just published a piece on Dubrovnik. We think the photography of the city and its surrounds is quite lovely in[…]